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What is PrEP?

Buy Prep Prep (Pre exposure prophylaxis) is one of the HIV drugs intended for HIV-negative patients to prevent the effects of HIV infection. The only approved drug for using as Prep is Truvada.  Truvada is a pill combining two anti-HIV drugs, emtricitabine, and Tenofovir. The brand Truvada is known for providing this medication. However, this tablet is also available in generic forms.

Brand name


What is the difference between Prep and PEP?

PEP represents post-exposure prophylaxis, while this medication refers to pre exposure prophylaxis. Both PEP and this drug are best for treating those who have a high risk of Hepatitis B transmission and are presently HIV negative. The prefix pre indicates that you have to take the medication before getting infected with HIV. On the contrary, Post-exposure prophylaxis works rightly for those who have exposed them to an event that can cause HIV. While PEP is useful for managing emergency situations, Pre exposure prophylaxis is the medicine to be taken continuously.  Moreover, patients take this drugs once every day. Physicians prescribe the medication with event-based dosing, and you have to take medicine before sex. PEP has 3 drugs combined in it, and 2 of them are present in this medicine. This medication has 2 drugs packed in one tablet.

Who can take Prep?

This tablet is for those who are HIV-negative. Both cisgender and transgender can use this drug. Moreover, HIV PrEP is the right choice when
  • You are presently in a physical relationship with your spouse, who has a risk of HIV.
  • You are a gay getting engaged in a relationship with multiple partners.
  • You do not always use condoms.
  • As a gay, you have found a new partner for a sensual relationship, and you do not know about his HIV status.
  • Some other persons have shared their injecting equipment with you.

How to take prep?

You must consult with a physician to know the right way of prep medication. Still, in most cases, consumers take one tablet every day. This dosage is effective for-
  • Gay
  • Cisgender and transgender
  • Other men and women
You must take the medication orally at least a week before the day of your sensual interactions.

Is Pre exposure prophylaxis a highly effective drug?

While used rightly and consistently, this medicine can keep you away from getting HIV infected. Researchers have found that 99% of users have found this medication effective in reducing the HIV virus. However, when you have not followed the physician's prescription, you will not get the desired result from using the medication. We have not found much information about the effectiveness of this tablet for those who have injected this drug. But, while taken orally, the drug is highly effective.

Prep interactions with other medications-

When you are using other medications, you must inform your physician about it. You have to use Tenofovir with other drugs, which may affect kidney conditions. These drugs are mostly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Taking this medication with these drugs can cause kidney issues. Ibuprofen is also a similar drug reacting with Pre exposure prophylaxis negatively.

Side effects of Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

You can figure out yourself how to deal with side effects and make sure every thing's ok.

Short term side effects

  • Nausea- You may feel discomfort and queasiness in your stomach. It is the initial side effect of using the medicine, and it will fade away slowly.
  • Headache- Some users have complained of a headache after taking this drug. You can take paracetamol to reduce it.
  • Diarrhea- It may continue for a few weeks.

Long term side effects

  • Liver issues- You may notice light yellow stools and loss of hunger.
  • Kidney problem- This medication can affect kidney health, and thus, you have to contact physicians.
  • Low bone density- You can stop taking the medication when you have this problem.

When not to use it?

You can avoid using this generic tablet in some situations-
  • The HIV status is unknown. Those who test HIV negative can take the medication.
  • You have encountered kidney problems.
  • Unknown vaccination status and hepatitis B status
  • Acute HIV infection status
When you reside in an HIV-risk zone, you may take the medication.

Cost of Pre exposure prophylaxis

This medicine is a very costly medicine. However, as there is insurance to cover the Pre exposure prophylaxis cost, you do not need to pay a high amount for your prescription.

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How long should I continue taking prep to find its optimal effectiveness?

To get the ultimate protection from the deadly HIV virus, you may need to take it for 7 days. However, it is true for those who are engaged in receptive anal sex activities. To prevent risk during receptive vaginal sex, you have to take the medication for 21 days daily. Some patients, presently taking this tablet, think of having protection in the coming days. They can switch to this medication after consulting with physicians. However, some patients have gone through multiple courses of PEP. They must not take Pre exposure prophylaxis without getting the physician’s instructions.

How often do I need to have an HIV test while taking prep regularly?

Before taking this medicine, you have to ensure that you are HIV negative consumer. When you already have HIV at the time of taking this tablet, there is a risk of resisting the drug. Truvada alone may not be effective in curing the disease. As you are infected, the HIV virus will resist the drug. Due to HIV drug resistance, medications may not control the virus. You have to undergo an RNA test to know about the trace of virus in the blood. While using Pre exposure prophylaxis, it is better to do this tests in every 3 months.

Is prep intended for women?

You know that Pre exposure prophylaxis is one of the highly acceptable drugs to prevent HIV infection. Those who have tested as HIV(Human immunodeficiency viruses) negative can take this drug safely. Both men and women can use this drug without any issue.

Do I stop wearing condoms while I am using prep drug?

Pre exposure prophylaxis ensures protection against HIV. However, it cannot protect you from other STDs. We think that condoms are the safest option to prevent STDs transmitted from one person to another through chlamydia and gonorrhea. Thus, you have to use both these things to stay safe.

What questions should you discuss with your physician?

Find the list of questions that you can as your physician.
  • How long do I have to take this generic medication?
  • Is there any risk of missing the dose?
  • Are the side effects of this drug manageable?
  • Do my other medical conditions affect my health while taking this drug?
  • What will I do when I have become pregnant at the time of taking this drug?
Men can use a condom to stay safe, although they take this drug. However, women have no way of using internal condoms, and thus, they need to take this drug to avoid HIV.

I like to get pregnant. Can I take this medication?

Yes. Women who like to have physical interactions with their partners to get pregnant can take Pre exposure prophylaxis This precautionary step will save your baby from the virus. However, you must take the medication at least 20 days before getting sexually engaged with your partner. Take this generic tablet every day continuously for a month. The use of this drug will not affect your pregnancy.

Where can I buy prep in Australia, United States, UK?

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Can I get prep without a doctor?

You can buy this drug online, but we don't recommend you to buy this medication without doctor consultant.

Can I buy prep over the local counter?

You will not get prep medication over the local counter in UK, United States and many more country. We recommend you to buy from online store(oncohiv) because you will get affordable price.